Economic Impact of New Jersey's Casino Industry

AC Casino Industry East Coast Gaming Leader

For four decades, the Atlantic City casino industry has successfully served as a leader in gaming on the east coast. Atlantic City’s gaming industry has generated more jobs, more investment and more tax revenue than any other industry in Atlantic County over the last 40 years. It has paid over $4 billion in real estate taxes and funded well over $1 billion in non-casino development projects, including $350 million in Atlantic City housing and neighborhood development.

Casinos Support New Jersey Jobs, Infrastructure Development and Social Safety Net

The Atlantic City casinos have also supported infrastructure development across Atlantic County, including roads, schools and government services. The casino industry has invested over $9 billion in transportation, prescription drugs and other services for New Jersey’s seniors and the disabled. Over the past 20 years, the industry has invested nearly $10 billion in its own capital projects. As of July 2018, the casino industry employed over 30,000 New Jersey residents and annually pays over $500 million in wages (not including tips), over $300 million in casino specific taxes and fees and over $120 million in local property taxes.

Casino Industry is One of New Jersey’s Largest Economic Engines

Atlantic City is now and has always been the most popular east coast beach resort north of Miami-Dade. Despite growing competition, Atlantic City casino resorts continue to be one of the largest economic engines in the state, attracting millions of tourists each year and generating almost 20% of all tourism dollars spent in the Garden State. Atlantic City casinos continue to add amenities to attract visitors to the area  and their customers significantly contribute to the city, region and statewide economy.

Casino Industry Invested in Revitalization of AC into World-Class Destination Resort

Today Atlantic City is focused on diversifying its destination offerings, transforming from a predominantly gaming location to a diverse beachfront resort destination, where gambling is just one of the many activities bringing visitors to this great city each and every day. As a result, the region’s tourism economy remains very vibrant with the industry continuing to invest hundreds of millions in redevelopment projects and non-gaming amenities throughout the city to appeal to a broader range of visitors and maintain and expand its offerings as a first-class resort and business conference destination.

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