Casino Association of New Jersey Applauds Regulatory Reform Legislation

November 15, 2010

Robert Griffin, President of the Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ), issued the following statement today:

“We applaud the legislature’s efforts to create meaningful regulatory reform for New Jersey’s gaming industry and are grateful for the strong cooperation between the legislature and the Christie administration on this matter. The bill will both preserve the integrity of casino gaming in New Jersey and bring significant new efficiencies to the regulatory process.

We also support the work of the legislature on the tourism district legislation which will serve as an important part of the broader efforts to revitalize Atlantic City and attract more visitors. We have not had a chance to thoroughly review this bill, but hope to continue to work with the Governor and the legislature both to revitalize and enhance Atlantic City, and to expand the positive economic impact Atlantic City has for our state.”

Robert Griffin is the President of the Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ), and the CEO of Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc.