CANJ Commends Governor's Advisory Commission’s Recommendations

July 22, 2010

The Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ) commends the report issued by the Governor's Advisory Commission on Gaming, Sports and Entertainment, for the thorough and thoughtful review of the issues currently facing the New Jersey casino industry. The Report provides a blueprint for a private-public partnership to stabilize and revitalize the industry and the region. CANJ urges a quick implementation of these recommendations. 

The Commission’s recommendations demonstrate a commitment to Atlantic City, illustrate support for the value Atlantic City brings to New Jersey’s economy, recognize the economic engine the industry is for the entire state, and promote policies which would help transform Atlantic City into a true resort destination. 

The Commission’s report concludes that in order to protect and expand New Jersey’s economy the public and private stakeholders must work together to improve Atlantic City’s tourist experience, attract more non-gaming and family tourists to Atlantic City, and restrict the expansion of gaming to other parts of the state. 

“As one of the largest industries in New Jersey, in the second largest tourist destination in the United States, the New Jersey casino resorts are committed to continued investment in the state. If the Commission’s recommendations are implemented, it will result in positive growth for our industry – which is good for our employees, our customers, our New Jersey-based vendors and the taxpayers of the state,” said Mark Juliano, President of the CANJ. 

The Commission studied the future of both the racing and casino industries in the state. The Commission’s report concluded that while Atlantic City is currently a large asset to New Jersey’s economy, vital steps need to be taken to protect and expand both its tourism and revenue. 

The CANJ is committed to working with Governor Christie’s administration and the legislative leadership of both parties in assisting in both the review and the implementation of the Commission’s recommendations. The CANJ believes these recommendations can be most effectively achieved through a private-public partnership that is focused on: 

  • Addressing the safety and cleanliness of Atlantic City’s streets and the boardwalk 
  • Improving and more greatly investing in joint marketing to boost tourism to the City 
  • Attracting more convention activities and visitors 
  • Attracting more tourists and families by making Atlantic City more of a destination resort 
  • Investing in more non-gaming amenities 
  • No expansion of gambling beyond Atlantic City 
  • Centralizing government functions to focus on expediting all of the initiatives 
  • Creating an Atlantic City tourism district 

“We fully endorse the Governor's Advisory Commission’s recommendations. We recognize the need to attract more visitors to Atlantic City, and are committed to work with the government and the community to implement these recommendations and make Atlantic City a world-class destination resort,” added Juliano. 

CANJ is a not-for-profit organization which represents operators of New Jersey casino resorts. It serves as a collective voice for the industry and concentrates on the betterment of industry employees, government relations, casino-affiliated businesses and the casino industry itself. 
The casino industry directly employs more than 38,000 New Jersey residents, pays almost $1.7 billion in annual payroll, spends nearly $2 billion dollars a year to purchase goods and services from small businesses across the state, and annually pays more than $900 million in State and local taxes and fees which fund more than half the bill for vital government programs for senior and disabled citizens of New Jersey.