Casino Association of New Jersey Statement

October 4, 2019

Steve Callender, president of the Casino Association of New Jersey (CANJ), issued the following statement regarding recent news about Atlantic City’s former mayor:


“As the largest taxpayers and employers in Atlantic City, we are deeply disappointed by the recent news about the now former mayor. We expect more from our elected officials who are entrusted to faithfully represent the residents of this great city. We are reassured that the State of New Jersey continues to have oversight over city government during this time, ensuring the city will continue to prosper and grow.


This past year marked a turning point for Atlantic City with gains across the board in revenue, employment and tourism. The numbers are trending positively, and we believe this economic growth will persist. The casino industry continues to work to solidify the seaside resort’s comeback by diversifying Atlantic City’s offerings, as well as investing hundreds of millions of dollars in redevelopment projects and non-gaming services to attract new visitors. The industry’s efforts have advanced the revitalization of Atlantic City, transforming the city into a business conference destination and first-class resort that features great restaurants, entertainment and shopping.


We look forward to continuing to work with state and local officials to ensure that city government continues to grow and flourish.”